Environment Iowa Endorses Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate

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DES MOINES – Environment Iowa, a statewide environmental organization, announced today the endorsement of Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate.

Support from Mr. Braley on key issues, including global warming, open space, clean air, clean water and clean energy led to today’s endorsement.

Environment Iowa’s Shelley Vineyard issued the following statement:

“To ensure a healthy environment, we need more voices in Congress to fight for action on global warming, measures to clean our air, stop pollution in our waterways and promote clean energy like wind and solar. Bruce Braley has shown strong commitments to solving these pressing environmental concerns for Iowa and the country.

“On November 4, voters in Iowa will be able to make a clear choice on the ballot for the environment by supporting Bruce Braley for Senate. To make sure we tackle our climate crisis, make progress on clean air and clean water, support Iowa’s parks and bring more wind and solar energy online, the 2014 election is a critical time to exercise our right to vote.”