Statement: The state of the union is perilous

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Pres. Trump’s rosy speech notwithstanding, the current administration is ignoring environmental issues or making them worse

Environment Iowa

President Donald Trump gave his third State of the Union address at the Capitol this evening. The president boasted about what he considers his accomplishments. However, many of those “accomplishments” are leaving a trail of environmental destruction in their wake.

In response, Environment America President Ed Johnson released the following statement:

The state of our environment is perilous. President Trump is recklessly rolling back the laws and standards that are supposed to protect our country’s air, water, climate, wildlife and open spaces. 

Fortunately, with the help of groups like ours, Americans are finding ways to defend our health and our environment. Together, we’re taking the administration to court, asking judges to block unlawful rollbacks of the Clean Car Standards, the Clean Water Rule, the Clean Power Plan and protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We’re acting locally to add 15 more states to the six that already have committed to generating 100 percent of their electricity from clean or renewable energy. We’re seeking more action to reduce plastic waste on top of the five states that banned plastic bags and two that banned polystyrene foam in 2019. And we’re urging more states to catch up to New Jersey, which just became a leader in the race toward zero-carbon transportation.

This president can choose to bury his head in the sand on climate change and other ecological crises. But the state of the American people’s support for environmental action is strong and growing stronger. We will keep taking every opportunity we can to clean our air and water, fight climate change and commit to more clean energy, and keep America beautiful.