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Gray fox numbers are dropping in Iowa

The little gray fox is on the Iowa DNR's wildlife action plan as a species of greatest conservation need.

Calif. Dept. of Water Resources | Public Domain

The Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) reports that the gray fox population in the state is dropping, and it hopes the public can help it learn why.

This little fox (up to 12 pounds) is smaller than its cousin, the red fox, and eats birds and rodents. It’s numbers have dropped as bobcats and coyotes in the state have increased, and that might explain what’s happening, but more information is needed.

In addition to help from the public, the Iowa DNR needs funding for it’s Wildlife Action Plan. That will come when Congress passes the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, a bipartisan bill that will send more than a billion dollars to the states each year for wildlife conservation efforts.

If passed, not only will the gray fox benefit, but the common mudpuppy, Blanding’s turtle, ruffed grouse, bald eagle, black buffalo (a fish), and another 400 species on the state’s plan will as well.

Iowa Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst can help by cosponsoring the bipartisan bill.


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