Here are 25 climate actions you can take this Earth Week – and every week.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Environment Maine is challenging you to #ActOnClimate all week for Earth Week! 

Anya Fetcher

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Environment Maine is challenging you to #ActOnClimate all week for Earth Week (April 19-25)! Our goal is to have 50 people commit to taking climate actions throughout the week, spreading the message of planet appreciation, and taking important steps toward mitigating climate impacts. Below is a list of actions you can take right from your own home, starting with signing our Earth Day 2020 Climate Action Pledge!

25 Climate Actions:

  1. Take our Earth Day 2020 Climate Action Pledge

  2. Sign a petition (or four!) Ask 5 of your friends/family to sign them too

– The EPA must enforce key environmental protections
– Ban the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides
– Stop the bailout of dirty fracking companies
– Fund our nation’s best conservation and recreation program

  1. Post on social media to raise awareness about climate action #ActOnClimate. Ask 5 of your friends/family to post too

  1. Take a photo petition and share it. What’s a photo petition?

– Get out your art supplies and make a poster for Earth Day
– Post it on social media using the hashtags #ActOnClimate and #EarthDay2020. Be sure to tag Environment Maine so we can share it! (Twitter: @EnvironmentME; Facebook: @EnvironmentMaine)
– Get 5 of your friends/family to take one and post it too

  1. Contact your members of Congress and State Legislators and ask them to be a voice for climate action and prioritize the environment. Here’s how

  2. Attend an Earth Week event to learn more about the solutions to climate change. Here are some great places to find one:

– Environment America Events
– Maine Virtual Earth Day Fair

  1. Have a conversation with a family member or friend about climate change impacts. What are you seeing/experiencing? What can you do to be a part of the solution?

  1. Write a letter to the editor about climate impacts and the need to take action (here’s a helpful guide)

  2. If you need to go out, walk or bike to your destination instead of driving

  3. Plant a pollinator garden (here’s how)

  4. Learn more about solar or wind energy – how to bring it to your community (start here)

  5. Do a walk-through of your home to see where you could be using energy more efficiently (see our guide)

  6. Go for a walk/explore your backyard – what did you find?

  7. Research and donate to an organization that’s working to mitigate climate change

  8. Make a bird feeder out of items you already have at home

  9. Look up your local recycling guidelines to make sure you, and everyone in your household, knows what is and what isn’t recyclable (use EcoMaine’s Recyclopedia)

  10. Repair something that’s broken instead of buying a new item #RightToRepair

  11. Calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to lower your impact

  12. Install rainwater barrels in your yard to collect water for your garden

  13. Start a compost bin for food scraps to minimize food waste. Here’s what to do when your bin is full

  14. Read a book about nature (here are a few suggestions to get you started)

  15. Play Nature in the Neighborhood BINGO

  16. Create art with things you find around the house or out in your yard. Take a photo and send it to us: [email protected] 

  17. Complete this scavenger hunt

  18. Post a photo on social media of a favorite natural place, and a caption about why you choose to celebrate Earth Day. Tag Environment Maine so we can see it and share it!

Photo: NASA


Anya Fetcher

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