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Advocates petition FedEx to ‘go solar’

Advocates travel to Memphis, urge FedEx to install solar panels on its warehouses

Solar power

Isaac Russell | Used by permission

Yesterday, advocates from Environment America Research & Policy Center delivered a petition signed by more than 11,500 people urging FedEx to commit to putting solar panels on its warehouses and parking lots by 2035. 

“Rooftop solar is where Now Meets Next,” said Johanna Neumann, senior director of the Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy at Environment America Research & Policy Center. “FedEx can help lead the way towards a cleaner, greener future by committing to use its big, sunny warehouse roofs to harness solar power.” 

FedEx has made some significant clean energy and climate commitments. The company has committed to carbon neutrality by 2040, has plans to electrify its vehicle fleet by 2040, and has 29 solar installations in place already producing power. ButFedEx has not made public explicit goals or plans for renewable energy or rooftop solar atop FedEx facilities. FedEx owns and operates more than 5,000 facilities with at least 122 million square feet of rooftop space. 

According to the report Solar on Warehouses, if all of America’s warehouse roofs had solar panels, they could produce enough energy to power more than 19 million average homes.

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