Environment Maine Criticizes Passage of Oil Pipeline Resolution

Similar Pipeline Proposal Now Targets Maine, Threatening Sebago Lake and Casco Bay

Environment Maine

Augusta, Maine—The State House today passed by a vote of 72-67 a resolution sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Jon Courtney (R-York) calling on President Obama and Congress to rubber stamp the Keystone XL Pipeline, the proposed tar sands oil pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. The Senate passed the resolution yesterday so today’s vote gave final approval to it. Environment Maine Director Emily Figdor released the following statement in response:

“This resolution was a total waste of time for Maine lawmakers, who should be rolling up their sleeves to fix our energy problems by helping us get off oil, not passing meaningless resolutions promoted by Big Oil.

“This resolution recklessly calls on the federal government to short circuit environmental and safety reviews for the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. It sets a dangerous precedent for Maine, since a similar project is being planned to send tar sands oil from Alberta to Portland, Maine, a move which could pose major threats to the Androscoggin River, Sebago Lake, and Casco Bay—and the people, wildlife, and industries that rely on them.”