Environment Maine Endorses Candidates for 2014 Elections

Environment Maine

Portland—Environment Maine today announced the endorsement of Chellie Pingree and Emily Cain for Congress and 24 candidates for the Maine Legislature. Environment Maine previously endorsed Mike Michaud for governor.

“We are proud to endorse these strong leaders who are committed to expanding Maine’s local foods movement, transitioning Maine to clean, renewable energy, and fighting climate change,” said Environment Maine Director Emily Figdor. 

Rep. Pingree has a 97% voting record from Environment Maine’s federation, Environment America, over her three terms in Congress. State Sen. Cain has a 91% voting record on the environment during her 10 years in the Maine Legislature. 

“Chellie Pingree has a stellar record on the environment. From being a trailblazer in Congress on sustainable agriculture to championing clean energy, she is one of the strongest environmental leaders in Congress,” said Figdor. “Emily Cain has a track record of bringing people together to protect Maine’s environment.”

On the state races, Environment Maine’s staff and volunteers are knocking on thousands of doors this fall to help elect Michaud and many of its slate of endorsed state legislative candidates.

“We know the public cares deeply about protecting Maine’s environment. So the best thing we can do, and what we’re focusing our efforts on, is getting out there and talking face-to-face with Maine voters about these strong environmental leaders,” said Figdor. 

Environment Maine focused its endorsements on candidates in races in which educating and mobilizing our members and the broader public in support of a clear pro-environment candidate could make a difference. The endorsements are based on candidates’ records and responses to Environment Maine’s candidate policy questionnaire.

“After four years of Gov. Paul LePage attempting to roll back Maine’s core environmental protections, it’s more important than ever before that we have strong leaders in the Maine Legislature to put our state back on the right track. On November 4, voters will be able to make a clear choice on the ballot for Maine’s environment by supporting these leaders,” concluded Figdor.

The endorsees are:

State Senate: Ted Koffman, SD 7; Geoff Gratwick, SD 9; Jonathan Fulford, SD 11; Chris Johnson, SD 13; Nate Libby, SD 21; Eloise Vitelli, SD 23; and Catherine Breen, SD 25;

State House: Don Marean, HD 16; Bill Noon, HD 19; Dwight Ely, HD 28; Anne Graham, HD 46; Wayne Werts, HD 63; Bettyann Sheats, HD 64; Christine Powers, HD 68; Rachel Sukeforth, HD 82; Gay Grant, HD 83; Charlotte Warren, HD 84; Monica Castellanos, HD 86; Timothy Marks, HD 87; Mick Devin, HD 90; Christine Burstein, HD 96; Karen Kusiak, HD 108; Ann Dorney, HD 111; and Bob Duchesne, HD 121.


Environment Maine works on behalf of its 20,000 members and supporters to protect Maine’s environment. For more information, please visit www.environmentmaine.org

Paid for by Environment Maine, 142 High Street, Suite 624, Portland, Maine 04101. NOT PAID FOR OUR AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE.

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