Governor LePage Proposes to Gut Maine’s Environmental Protections

Environment Maine

Portland, Maine—Governor Paul LePage on Sunday sent the Joint Select Committee on Regulatory Reform and Fairness an extensive package of proposals for LD 1 that would overturn many of Maine’s environmental and public health protections.  In response, Environment Maine Director Emily Figdor released the following statement:

“This radical set of proposals from Governor LePage would dismantle decades of progress protecting Maine’s environment and preserving our natural heritage.  If passed, these policies would increase air pollution, threaten wildlife, open the North Woods to rampant development, and make companies that break the rules less accountable, among many other, far reaching impacts.” 

“A clean environment is critical to our health, a strong and sustainable economy, and Mainers’ quality of life.  Over the last four decades, Maine has made great strides protecting the environment, but there’s more work to be done – and certainly no room to backslide.”

“Environment Maine is kicking off a major campaign today to engage our more than 5,000 members and activists to reject Governor LePage’s extreme and dangerous proposals to weaken Maine’s environmental and public health protections.”


Environment Maine is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy group, working to preserve Maine’s open spaces, protect clean air and water, and move the state toward a clean energy future.