Governor LePage wrong to veto solar bill

Environment Maine

For more information: Bret Fanshaw, [email protected]

AUGUSTA, ME – On Monday, Governor LePage vetoed LD 1504, a bill that would have partially restored Maine’s net metering policy after the Maine Public Utilities Commission voted to roll it back in January. This means that Maine residents who install solar after January 1, 2018 will still receive less credit for the extra energy they send back to the power grid.

Bret Fanshaw, on behalf of Environment Maine, issued the following statement:

“With Maine nearly last for solar installed in New England, it is wrong for Governor LePage to veto solar policies that work.

“Studies show that solar delivers valuable benefits to society, the environment and all energy users. Solar is pollution-free, has no fuel cost and eliminates the need for dirty power plants and expensive transmission lines. 

“Providing full credit to residential solar customers for the energy they produce will continue to drive the growth of solar in Maine. Unfortunately, this action by the governor will do just the opposite.

“We urge the legislature to override the governor’s veto and restore good solar policy for Maine’s future.”