Governor Mills climate bill heads to her desk

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Carissa Maurin

Ross Sherman

Bill will require Maine to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050,creates the Maine Climate Council

Environment Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Senate has enacted LD 1679, a bipartisan climate bill crafted by Gov. Mills and sponsored by state Sen. David Woodsome (R-York). The bill creates the Maine Climate Council and updates Maine’s climate action plan to require greenhouse gas emissions be reduced 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. With Gov. Mills expected signature, it will soon become law.

Environment Maine director Carissa Maurin issued the following statement:

“Once again, the Maine Legislature and Gov. Mills are telling the country and world that Maine is serious about addressing the climate crisis and making significant, measurable progress to cut carbon pollution. Climate change affects so many different aspects of our lives, from sea level rise threatening our coasts, extreme weather impacting our growing season, or rising temperatures increasing rates of asthma and Lyme disease.”

“The list of Maine’s environmental achievements this session is long, and growing by the day: our first-in-the-nation state-wide polystyrene ban, our commitment to 100 percent clean energy, and now our bipartisan action on climate change. I am proud that our legislators are setting aside their differences for the good of all Mainers.”

“Robert F. Kennedy once said that each time we stand up for an ideal, we ‘send forth a tiny ripple of hope.’ We’re hopeful the ripple Maine is starting today with this amazing bipartisan action will spread south and west across the country to reduce our carbon emissions. We’re grateful to Gov. Mills and Sen. Woodsome for their bold commitment to combat climate change.”


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