Maine is only one step away from 100% renewable energy

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Carissa Maurin

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Maine’s Senate unanimously passes major renewable energy and climate bill

Environment Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine– The Maine Legislature approved a bill last night that would put the state on a path to a clean energy future, with the Senate voting a unanimous 34-0. LD 1494 would increase Maine’s renewable portfolio standard from 40 percent by 2030 to 80 percent, and set a target of 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. If LD 1494 is signed into law, Maine would join Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and Washington with 100 percent renewable energy commitments on the books.

Environment Maine director Carissa Maurin issued the following statement:

“Maine has an abundance of clean energy resources from the sun and the wind. We applaud the forward thinking of Gov. Janet Mills and state legislators from both parties for their ambition and commitment to aiming high and reaching our full potential when it comes to maximizing our world-class renewable energy resources. We know that Mainers overwhelmingly support powering our state with clean energy, and now we have leadership that will act on that.”

“Maine is serious about doing its part to move America toward a society powered by clean, renewable energy. Shifting to 100 percent renewable energy will make Mainers safer and healthier by protecting our communities from global warming and hazardous air pollution. In other words, “the way life should be.”

“Whether it’s increasingly severe nor’easters, hurricanes and floods, or dramatic changes to our fisheries and agriculture, the impacts of climate change are not just future threats — they’re already here. Transitioning our state from fossil fuels to renewable energy will help ensure that Maine contributes to ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for generations to come.”


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