Maine says no to offshore drilling

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Carissa Maurin

Gov. Mills signs bill to ban oil and gas drilling in state waters

Environment Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Janet Mills has signed a measure that bans offshore oil and gas drilling in state waters, which extend roughly three miles off Maine’s shore. This bill, LD 955, was sponsored by state Rep. Michael Devin, D-Newcastle. New York and New Hampshire have passed similar bills and Massachusetts is considering one.


Environment Maine director Carissa Maurin issued the following statement:

“Offshore drilling doesn’t belong off Maine’s coast. Our jigsawed shoreline is special, it’s part of what makes Maine Maine, and it deserves to be protected.

“Over and over again, we’ve seen that when we drill, we spill. And when we spill off our shores, it can spell disaster for our whales, shellfish and lobster. We thank Gov. Mills for taking this big step today to protect our 3,478 miles of coastline.

“Mainers up and down the coast rely on the ocean — whether it’s our lobsterman, clammers, worm diggers, seaweed harvesters, fishermen or aquaculture farmers. Tourists from all over the world flock to our state because of our picturesque, pristine beaches. By taking this action, we’ve sent a message to the U.S. Congress and the Trump administration that we place a premium on protecting our environment over pursuing a little more oil.”



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