Statement: Maine Senate passes the plastic bag ban

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Carissa Maurin

The state is one step closer to passing a second bill to reduce plastic pollution

Environment Maine


Carissa Maurin, Director, Environment Maine, [email protected],  
(516) 376-5023

Alex Truelove, Director, Zero Waste Campaign, [email protected], (215) 630-7250


AUGUSTA — Just over a month ago, Maine became the first state in the country to pass a statewide ban on polystyrene foam cups and containers. Now, the Maine legislature is attempting to address another common and hazardous forms of single-use plastic: disposable grocery bags. If passed, Maine would become only the fourth state in the country to effectively to do.

Every day, Americans throw out tens of millions of disposable plastic bags, most of which are never recycled. A recent study found that of all the plastics ever made, 79 percent currently exist in landfills or in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Pieces of plastic have been found in every corner of the planet, from Pyrenees alpine lakes to the deepest ocean trenches, ingested by sea turtles and humans alike.

Environment Maine director Carissa Maurin issued the following statement:

“Even though Maine passed the first ban on polystyrene foam containers in the country, we’re not resting on our laurels. There’s a lot more work to be done to rid ourselves of plastic pollution, and I’m excited that the Maine Senate recognizes the need to act. Disposable plastic bags are another one of the most commons and harmful forms of plastic pollution, and this bill would immediately reduce their negative impact.”

“I’m proud of Maine lawmakers officially puting wildlife over waste and banning single-use plastic bags. We’ve survived without plastic bags for a very long time and we can do it again.”

“Nothing we use should for five minutes should be allowed to pollute our planet for hundreds of years. I’m happy to know that the great state of Maine agrees. To that I say, who’s next?”


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