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Nation’s strongest bee-saving legislation becomes law in Maine

Maine's newest law raises the bar for bee protections. 

Maine’s newest law raises the bar for bee protections. 

On June 10, Maine passed our nation’s strongest safeguards for bees with a law that prohibits certain neonicotinoid, or “neonic,” pesticides for outdoor residential use. Neonics are a dangerous class of bee-killing pesticides that play a significant role in the ongoing bee die-offs. Maine’s safeguards could help avoid the “catastrophic collapse of Earth’s ecosystems” that scientists warn would follow the loss of bees. 

“There is no justification for the use of these pesticides for cosmetic purposes in our residential areas,” said Anya Fetcher, Environment Maine state director. “We want to ensure that Maine’s meadows and gardens continue to buzz with the sound of bees. This law boosts the odds of that.”

Environment Maine helped rally more than 10,000 Mainers and more than 60 beekeeper, scientific, public health, farming and environmental organizations that showed decision-makers their support for the law. 

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Photo: Environment Maine State Director Anya Fetcher speaks with supporters at a 2019 Save the Bees rally. Credit: Corey Fenders, Fenders Photography

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