Kids for 100% Renewable Energy!

Learning from home and need some additional resources? We're here to help! 

Kate Breimann

With schools closed across the state and social distancing the new norm, many of us are finding ourselves balancing new responsibilities of working from home while keeping kids entertained at the same time. Environment Maryland wants to introduce your kids to the ways that we can power our lives with clean, green, renewable energy. 

Join us every Tuesday as we learn about a new topic in renewable energy with a new animated video and accompanying activity! 

Kids for Renewables is a 5 part video series designed for kids ages 6-10 years old to understand what renewable energy is, why it is important and how it works.

Your children will be guided along the way with characters like Emma Energy, Sally Solar and Wally Wind, who will break down topics like how solar power works and why energy efficiency is important. At the end of the lessons, kids will be able to join a live webinar with real renewable energy advocates who can answer any questions they have. 

Our first video introducing kids to the world of renewable energy is online now. 

Kids for Renewable Energy Video

Stay tuned during the coming weeks as we dive into a new lesson on renewable energy. 

  • Lesson 1:  Intro to Energy with Emma Energy

  • Lesson 2: Make It Run with the Sun! 

    • Tuesday, April 7th

  • Lesson 3: Learning about Wind Power: It’s a Breeze! 

    • Tuesday, April 14th

  • Lesson 4: Reduce Our Use: How to Save Energy

    • Tuesday, April 21st

  • Wrap up: Live Q&A with Renewable Energy Advocates!

    • TBA

We look forward to having you join us on this exploration of renewable energy and we welcome those without young kids at home to share this with any teachers, parents or friends who do!


Kate Breimann

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