Start Brainstorming: Homework for Conservation Conversations


For this week’s Conservation Conversations, we are assigning a bit of homework! Our speakers from Eye on Sligo Creek hope to facilitate a conversation and brainstorm session that will allow you to walk away from our talk ready to take action. No matter our background, unique skills, or interests, there are so many ways that we can make a difference for our planet. 

Before our conversation, Chris and Wonok hope you’ll take a second to do the following: 

1. Start thinking about your favorite place, particularly a place that may not already get a lot of attention, have a big website or a Friends group already advocating for it. Why is that place so special to you? How would you describe it to a friend who has never been there? What does your special place need? More visitors to appreciate it? Volunteers to protect it? Advocates to lobby for it?

2. Daydream a bit about what creative talents you already have or would like to develop that you could lend your special place. You don’t need to be a world famous photographer or writer to start telling the story of your beloved spot.


Simple as that! We look forward to having this conversation on Thursday, April 23rd at 7pm EST.


Kate Breimann