Environment Maryland Celebrates the Millions Marylanders Could Save by 2030 with a Clean Car Showcase

Environment Maryland

COLLEGE PARK– Today, as the Obama Administration announces a historic new clean car standard, Environment Maryland joined State Senator Jim Rosapepe, Dr. David Kirsch, professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, and Charlie Garlow from the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC to showcase the newest and cleanest cars putting Maryland on the path to an oil-free future.

“Clean cars can enable Marylanders to drive straight past the gas station and into a future that’s free from oil,” said Sarah Bucci, Federal Field Organizer with Environment Maryland. “Thanks in part to new standards being developed by the Obama administration, the cars of tomorrow will help protect Maryland’s air and water and save their owners money.”

At the event, Environment Maryland reported new data showing that fuel efficiency and emissions standards, recently outlined by President Obama, could save Maryland 484 million gallons of fuel and each Maryland family could save about $365 each year by 2030.

“It’s exciting to see these new hybrid and electric cars coming off the assembly line,” said Senator Jim Rosapepe, District 21. “Maryland helped pave the way by passing a clean car standard and the models we have here today show that we can put these cars on the road—now let’s follow through and make every car and truck in Maryland a cleaner one. We have everything to gain from a strong, federal clean cars standard.”

The Obama administration today officially proposed this new clean car standards that represent the biggest step the U.S. has ever taken to get off oil and tackle global warming.  The standards would require cars and light trucks in model years 2017-2025 to meet a fleet-wide average global warming pollution standard equivalent to 54.5 miles per gallon.  These standards built on state-level standards adopted earlier in Maryland.

To celebrate these benefits, Environment Maryland held an event to showcase some of the clean cars that are already coming off the assembly line today, such as the Chevy Volts and the Nissan Leaf on display today.

Bucci said President Obama’s proposed standard will spur manufacturers into producing cars and trucks that will allow you to go from filling up at the pump a couple of times a week to once every two weeks—or none at all if you choose an electric car, which can already take you over 100 miles on a single charge.

“Our addiction to oil is holding us back from a healthier future.  More fuel efficient vehicles, and electric vehicles that use no gasoline at all, will cut our addiction to oil, save money for individuals, and cut down on global warming pollution,” said Charlie Garlow, Vice President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC.  “Electricity as fuel is cheaper than filling up at the gas station; it’s about the equivalent of 75 cents per gallon.  Plus, electric vehicles are fun to drive!”

“Current clean vehicles standards covering vehicles through 2016 helped manufacturers across the country put 150,000 people to work producing clean and efficient vehicle technologies,” said Bucci.  “President Obama’s proposal for model years 2017 to 2025 is projected to create about 600,000 new jobs nationwide as manufacturers get to work bringing you the cars and trucks of the future.”

“The models we have here today show that we can put cleaner cars on the road,” said Dr. David Kirsch, associate professor at University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.  “The strong standard can make sure drivers have more options to choose from and more opportunities to save fuel when they come to the dealership.”

“We look forward to working with the Administration to make sure that the cars here today are the first of many to come, and that by 2025, the cars and trucks rolling from the dealership to Marylanders’ homes meet a strong, 54.5 miles-per-gallon standard,” concluded Bucci.