Environment Maryland Produces Video on Governor’s Race

Environment Maryland

Environment Maryland, a statewide non-profit organization not affiliated with any candidate, today released a video making the environmental case for why voters should cast their ballots for Martin O’Malley.

The video tells two stories illuminating former Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s record on environmental issues.  One explains his lobbying efforts to kill legislation to reduce pollution from power plants.  The other describes his attempt to sell land that was protected with taxpayer dollars to a developer to build luxury homes.  The video was shot on the property involved in the controversial land deal in St. Mary’s County.

“I couldn’t stand by while Ehrlich was calling himself an environmentalist,” said Environment Maryland State Director Brad Heavner.

The video includes three reasons why voters should support Gov. O’Malley, saying he has been a champion of clean energy, he has stayed true to his promise not to raid land preservation funding, and he has proposed bold new initiatives to restore the Chesapeake Bay.

The video concludes by encouraging people to show up at the polls, referring to the 24 percent turnout in the primaries as “scary.”  It encourages people to take advantage of the state’s new early voting program.  A list of early voting locations is available on the Environment Maryland website.


This message has been authorized and paid for by Environment Maryland. This message has not been authorized or approved by any candidate. Environment Maryland, 3121 St. Paul St., Ste. 26, Baltimore, MD 21218. Brad Heavner, State Director.

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