Statement: Clean Energy Jobs Act will go into Law

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Environment Maryland

Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday that he will allow the Clean Energy Jobs act to go into law without his signature.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act instructs Maryland electricity providers to obtain at least 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030. It also calls on the state to create a plan to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity by 2040.

Rob Sargent, senior director for Environment America’s Clean Energy Program, issued the following statement in response:

“Maryland needs a bold and clear plan for a greener, healthier world — one powered solely by clean, renewable energy. We applaud state legislators for taking this step toward 100 percent renewable energy. And by allowing the Clean Energy Jobs act to go into law without his signature, we’re glad Governor Hogan didn’t stand in the way of it.

“Without federal leadership, states must step up to address the climate crisis. By committing to 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and setting a 100 percent goal by 2040, our state joins a growing list of states that are sending a message that we’re serious about ending our reliance on fossil fuels and moving toward a greener, cleaner society.

“We looks forward to working with state leaders and allies to ensure we hit — and even exceed — these targets, and move as rapidly as possible to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.”.