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Nearly all of America’s trash could be composted and recycled. But we’ve got a lot of work to do to get there.

Most of us put our recyclables out for collection. But it’s going to take more than individual action to deal with our trash problem. Only 24% of our trash actually gets recycled, and only 9% gets composted. We can do better. Together we can share information, resources and push our leaders to build a better recycling and composting system. 

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Lawmakers and public push Whole Foods to put “Planet Over Plastic” at upcoming annual meeting

Beyond plastic

Lawmakers and public push Whole Foods to put “Planet Over Plastic” at upcoming annual meeting

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland --  Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center, Maryland PIRG Foundation, along with their national affiliates sent 59,000 petitions and a letter signed by more than 40 state lawmakers Thursday to Whole Foods urging the company to commit to a comprehensive plan for phasing out single-use plastic packaging from its stores. This follows a March 2021 letter signed by more than 130 advocacy and community groups calling on the national supermarket chain to adopt a bold response to the plastic pollution crisis. 

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2021 Legislative Session Review

Electric vehicles

2021 Legislative Session Review

The Maryland General Assembly adjourned on Monday, April 12th, bringing an end to the largely remote session due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. The legislature was hard at work making up for time lost since the 2020 session ended early, and considered a wide range of issues impacting our access to clean air to breath, clean water to drink, and clean energy to power our lives. We are grateful for the effort the general assembly put in this year to consider bills on climate action, and are ready to continue pushing these policies forward.

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