Boston City Council supports 100% renewable energy for Massachusetts

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Ben Hellerstein

Former State Director, Environment Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts

Boston – The Boston City Council passed a resolution today endorsing a statewide commitment to 100% renewable sources of energy for electricity, heating, and transportation.

“When we achieve 100% renewable energy, our air will be cleaner, our children will be healthier, and we’ll be doing our part to prevent the worst impacts of climate change,” said Ben Hellerstein, State Director for Environment Massachusetts. “Boston faces so many negative impacts from the use of fossil fuels, including air pollution, heat waves, and coastal flooding, but the city can also lead the way on clean energy solutions. I’m grateful to Councilor Michelle Wu and Councilor Matt O’Malley for sponsoring this resolution, and to all of the councilors who supported it.”

“A brighter, healthier, more prosperous future depends on confronting our climate future with bold, equitable action,” said City Councilor Michelle Wu. “Our local efforts depend on having a strong mandate at the state level for a rapid, just transition to 100% renewable energy. Thank you to Environment Massachusetts for continued leadership and partnership in advocacy.”

“As a coastal city, Boston is extremely vulnerable to the threat of climate change,” said City Councilor Matt O’Malley, Chairman of the Environment, Resiliency and Parks Committee. “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must lead the way to 100% renewable energy for a cleaner and healthier future. The momentum for renewable energy is growing rapidly amongst the public and private sectors, colleges and universities.”

The resolution urges state officials to pass the 100% Renewable Energy Act (H.2836), filed by Representative Marjorie Decker and Representative Sean Garballey, before the end of the 2019–2020 legislative session. The Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act will transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045.

A majority of members of the House and Senate have endorsed the 100% Renewable Energy Act, along with more than 50 environmental and civic organizations. The bill is currently pending before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy.

So far, 13 states and territories have set 100% renewable or clean electricity targets. Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo recently committed her state to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030.