Environment Massachusetts Advocate Ben Wright’s statement on the Markey-Welch renewable energy amendment

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Environment Massachusetts

“Congressman Markey has been a stalwart champion of renewable energy for decades, and I’m pleased to see him offer this important amendment.


“In Massachusetts, we are reaping the benefits of clean energy every day.  Since 2007, installed solar has increased 30-fold and wind 12-fold.  According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, there are currently 64,000 Massachusetts residents employed in the clean energy sector.  And Massachusetts isn’t the only state that is growing our economy and cleaning up our air with a renewable electricity standard, 30 states and the District of Columbia have renewable energy production targets.


“But to truly take a bite out of global warming pollution and clean up our air, we need a national renewable energy standard.  With House Republican leadership firmly committed to an all-out assault on our lungs, it’s helpful to remember that this dangerous anti-clean air attitude is relatively new. “


“In fact, thanks to Representative Markey’s leadership, the House passed a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) in each of the past 2 Congresses. In 2007, 32 Republicans joined 188 Democrats in overwhelming support of an RES. In 2009, the House passed an even more ambitious RES as part of the H.R. 2454, the Waxman-Markey American Climate and Energy Security Act.”


“Congressman Markey’s amendment is a timely reminder that truly clean energy is the best way forward for our health and our economy.  Renewable energy creates 3 times more jobs than comparable production from fossil fuels because a larger share of the expenditures go to manufacturing equipment, installation, and maintenance, all of which are typically more labor-intensive than extracting and transporting fossil fuels.


“When this amendment comes up for a vote, I fully expect the entire Massachusetts delegation to vote in support, and I encourage them to work with their colleagues to ensure its passage.