Environment Massachusetts Endorses Ed Markey for Senate

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Johanna Neumann

Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America

Environmental Champion A Proven Fighter for Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts

Ed Markey for Senate

Environmental Champion A Proven Fighter for Massachusetts

(Boston) Environment Massachusetts announced its endorsement of Congressman Ed Markey in both the primary and special elections scheduled for later this year. 

“This election gives us an opportunity to elevate one of the country’s most effective and accomplished environmental leaders and make him our next senator,” said Johanna Neumann, Regional Director for Environment Massachusetts. 

“Congressman Edward Markey is a principled environmental champion who has distinguished himself by successfully standing up to polluters and the powerful interests that put our environment and health at risk. Cleaner air and water, more energy-efficient cars and appliances, protections for our oceans and open spaces, and leadership in the fight to solve global warming are all the results of an astounding career of fighting for what is right and getting results.

Environment Massachusetts cited Markey’s track record in standing up for Massachusetts, its people and its environment.

On clean air, Congressman Ed Markey strengthened and defended the law that is cleaning up the oldest and dirtiest power plants. 

On clean energy, Congressman Ed Markey has led the fight in Congress, from wind and solar tax credits to the 2007 Markey-Udall Renewable Energy Standard.

On stopping global warming, Congressman Ed Markey co-authored the only comprehensive climate legislation ever to pass the House of Representatives.

On energy efficiency, Congressman Ed Markey co-authored the legislation that allowed President Obama to make our cars go farther on a gallon gas.

On protecting our special places, Congressman Ed Markey won protections for such Massachusetts landmarks as Minute Man National Park and Olmstead Park.

On protecting us from toxic waste, Congressman Ed Markey passed the cleanup laws to protect communities like Woburn, where local residents’ health were threatened by toxic dumping.

“Environment Massachusetts will be working with our 42,000 supporters to help Congressman Markey take his experience and passion to be our next U.S. Senator,” said Neumann.


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