Environment Massachusetts Endorses Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate, Ed Markey for Congress and Barack Obama for President

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Johanna Neumann

Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America

Environment Massachusetts

Boston, MA—Environment Massachusetts announced its endorsements for the 2012 election season, shining a spotlight on key pro-environment candidates for Congress and the White House.

“When it comes to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love, elections matter. Environment Massachusetts is proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and Barack Obama who deserve our support as the right choices for voters who care about clean water, clean air, clean energy, solving global warming and protecting our most treasured natural spaces,” said Johanna Neumann, Regional Director for Environment Massachusetts.

Environment Massachusetts endorses the following candidates:

Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren has a track record of standing up to powerful corporations, and she will stand up to the polluters to fight for clean air and clean water. She’ll work with President Obama to cut pollution that harms our environment and the health of our families, and she will work to end taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil. Elizabeth Warren will work to break our dependence on dirty and dangerous energy sources and will instead invest in clean energy that can create jobs right here in Massachusetts. When it comes to the environment, the choice between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren could not be clearer and Environment Massachusetts is proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren.

Congressman Ed Markey: Congressman Markey has been a champion for Massachusetts’ environment since entering Congress in 1976, where he has fought tirelessly to combat global warming and bring about a clean energy future. Rep. Markey led the charge to pass a law that would saves millions of gallons of oil by increasing miles per gallon standards for cars. His leadership and his 100% voting record on environmental issues has more than earned Congressman Markey the support of Environment Massachusetts.

President Barack Obama: President Obama has aggressively protected our families’ health by tackling pollution that threatens the quality of our air and our water. He has advanced policies to dramatically reduce our dependence on oil and has doubled the nation’s reliance on clean renewable energy. To move America toward a clean energy future, to protect our environment and health, and to ensure the U.S. does our part to combat global warming, President Barack Obama gets Environment Massachusetts’ enthusiastic support.

“With the polluter lobby spending insane amounts of campaign cash on this election it is more important than ever that Massachusetts voters support those candidates who share our environmental values and who will protectour air, our water, our special places and our families’ health,” said Neumann. “On November 6th the choice for Massachusettsand the planet is clear. We believe Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and President Obama deserve our vote.”


Environment Massachusetts is a statewide citizen based environmental advocacy organization.


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