For clean energy leadership, we need more than words

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Environment Massachusetts

Boston – Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton spoke to a room of national and international wind energy leaders at the U.S. Offshore Wind Leadership Conference today.

Ben Hellerstein, State Director for Environment Massachusetts, issued the following statement in response to Secretary Beaton’s remarks:

“It’s good to hear top officials from Governor Charlie Baker’s administration pledge their support for clean energy and meeting the state’s climate goals. But it’s going to take more than words to make it happen.

“So far, the administration’s record on clean energy is lackluster. The Governor has yet to articulate a clear commitment for offshore wind to be a key part of Massachusetts’ energy plan. Meanwhile, a cap on a key solar program has halted solar energy development in many parts of the state for nearly a year. And the Governor and other top officials continue to insist that Massachusetts should get more of its energy from fossil fuels imported from out of state.

“Instead of doubling down on dirty energy, we should expand local and clean sources of power. We need the Governor to make real, substantial investments in solar, wind, and energy efficiency — not just vague promises.”

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that Massachusetts’ offshore wind energy areas can produce over 8,000 MW of energy, enough to power all of the homes in the state.

“The Baker administration’s diversified energy portfolio has to include a major component of clean, renewable offshore wind,” said Jack Clarke, Director of Policy for the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

The Baker administration’s ambivalence towards offshore wind is in stark contrast to the tone of the conference, in which industry leaders and environmentalists affirmed the potential for Massachusetts to be a national leader in offshore wind. The two-day conference has focused on the potential for offshore wind development in the United States, with Massachusetts positioned to be a national leader in the emerging industry.


Environment Massachusetts is the statewide, citizen-funded advocacy group working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future.