State Senator Finegold Supports Energy Efficiency

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Ben Wright

Environment Massachusetts

Andover, MA – Environment Massachusetts and State Senator Barry Finegold met with local residents Monday for a discussion on legislative priorities and tools to help residents save money and green their own homes.  The Environment Massachusetts legislative agenda includes bills to reduce Massachusetts reliance on oil, improve the energy efficiency of buildings and promote the construction of more solar electricity.

Senator Finegold, no stranger to energy issues as the former House chair of the Telecom, Utilities and Energy Committee on Beacon Hill, shared some of his key priorities this session, which included the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act and the Sub Metering bill. 

“I am very concerned over current trends in energy consumption and what it is doing to our planet. The United States is only 5 per cent of the world’s population but consumes 25 per cent of global energy and emits 20 percent of the world carbons. We cannot continue to use 25 percent of the world’s oil,” said Sen. Barry Finegold. “Currently we rank 4th in the country for overall electricity prices – a cost that is driving local businesses, like Breyer’s Ice Cream, out. I think that we really need to focus on conservation, efficiency, and the use of renewable energy to help home owners and business owners,” Finegold said. 

In addition to discussing legislation, Environment Massachusetts informed residents about the opportunity for them to weatherize their own homes.

“I talk to members all the time about legislation we have helped to pass to protect Massachusetts’ environment,” said Ben Wright “but people kept asking me what they could do in their own homes to reduce their consumption.  That’s why I’m excited about our new project to help residents lower their carbon footprints while lowering their energy bills.”