Statement: Legislators, governor should support amended climate bill

Media Contacts
Ben Hellerstein

Former State Director, Environment Massachusetts

BOSTON – The Massachusetts House voted Sunday to approve a revised version of a climate bill, with the Senate expected to act on the bill later in the day.

On July 21, legislators approved a climate bill (H.5060) with broad bipartisan support. Then, Friday, Gov. Charlie Baker returned the bill to the Legislature with suggested amendments. The version of the bill under consideration today includes some of the governor’s amendments but rejects others.

Ben Hellerstein, state director for Environment Massachusetts, issued the following statement:

“Amid all of the back-and-forth on Beacon Hill, one thing is crystal clear: We must act on climate change, and we must act now.

“This bill is a big deal. It will require the owners of large office and apartment buildings to disclose the amount of energy their buildings use each year. It will ensure that all new cars sold in Massachusetts are electric by 2035. And it will allow up to 10 cities and towns to require new buildings to be built with clean, all-electric heating and appliances, paving the way to safer, healthier homes and businesses for all of us.

“We must transition Massachusetts to 100% clean and renewable sources of energy, and this bill will take us a few big steps in the right direction. I applaud the members of the House for their vote to approve this bill, and I urge senators to do the same.

“Starting tomorrow, all eyes will be on Gov. Baker. We’re counting on him to do the right thing and sign this bill into law.”