Clean Energy Tax Incentives Set to Expire, Extension Should Be New Year Priority

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Environment America

Washington, D.C. – With federal clean energy tax credits for wind power (the Production Tax Credit for onshore wind and the Investment Tax Credit for offshore wind) set to expire on Dec. 31, Environment America Federal Global Warming Program Director Julian Boggs issued the following statement:

“It’s the 21st century. We have the technology to produce clean energy that doesn’t threaten our climate or our children’s future. And yet, as we turn the corner into 2014, Congress has failed to renew essential clean energy tax incentives that have helped spur the development of enough wind energy to power 15 million homes.

“Turning our back on clean energy means turning our back on clearer skies, cleaner water, and a healthier planet. By 2018, wind energy alone could avert the carbon dioxide equivalent to taking 32 million passenger vehicles off the road each year.

“The good news is that this legislation has a strong history of bi-partisan support in Congress. And President Obama has shown a commitment to clean energy, exemplified by his recent executive order to nearly triple the amount of renewable energy used by the federal government by 2020. As Congress returns from the holiday recess, the first order of business should be restoring these critical clean energy incentives.”