Climate change makes the short list at first Democratic debate

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The transition to clean, renewable energy also discussed

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MIAMI — Climate change made the short list of issues highlighted on the first night of Democratic presidential debates, with many candidates putting forth proposals to reduce global warming emissions and transition to clean energy.

Appropriately located in a city (Miami) and a state (Florida) that are among the most vulnerable to the effects of global warming in the country, the debate was an opportunity for increased airtime for climate change, reflecting the growing voter interest in the topic.

Wendy Wendlandt, Environment America senior vice president and political director, issued the following statement about the debate:

“Given the depth and breadth of our environmental challenges, this debate was an opportunity to see candidates for the highest office in the land give them the attention they deserve and need. With federal leadership on environmental issues currently lacking, many states have taken action on their own. But we know we need action at the national level — and soon — because time is not on our side. Discussing climate change and the need to rapidly transition to clean, renewable energy in a presidential forum is a good first step.

“These issues touch the lives of all Americans. We all want to keep the planet safe and livable for future generations and make sure that the air we breathe and the water we drink is free from toxins. Any candidate from any political party who hopes to be commander-in-chief must recognize this and come to the table with bold, specific plans to achieve these goals. Americans are demanding this now more than ever.

“We are grateful that the candidates gave climate some airtime in tonight’s debate. We will watch closely: words are nice, but we need actions to truly address our environmental problems.”


The following Environment America experts can further respond to the climate and renewable energy issues discussed in the debate.

Andrea McGimsey, Senior Director, Global Warming Solutions, 703-477-4722, [email protected] 

  • Federal legislation on climate change 

  • Trump administration rollback of Clean Power Plan


Rob Sargent, Senior Director, Clean Energy, 617-747-4317, [email protected] 

  • Federal renewable energy standards

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