Colorado legislature passes wildlife crossings bill

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Rex Wilmouth

Former Senior Program Director, Environment Colorado

Rex Wilmouth

Former Senior Program Director, Environment Colorado

DENVER – The Colorado State House passed the Safe Crossings for Colorado Wildlife and Motorists Act (SB151) on Tuesday, a measure that would provide $5 million for wildlife crossings across the state. 

The bipartisan bill was sponsored by Sens. Jessie Danielson and Tammy Story and Reps. Julie McCluskie and Perry Will. Earlier this year, the Senate passed the measure 28-7, and today the House passed it by a count of 56-9. 

Governor Jared Polis, who has previously supported wildlife corridors, will now have the opportunity to sign the bill into law. Colorado already has 64 wildlife crossings across the state: This legislation will provide the resources to add more.

Rex Wilmouth, Environment Colorado senior program director, issued the following statement: 

“For too long, we’ve carved up Colorado wildlife habitats with our roadways, with little to no regard for what it means to the health of our species.

“By building more wildlife crossings, Colorado can reconnect fractured habitats so that animal populations, such as elk, deer and black bears, can thrive, rather than ending up dead on the road. 

“Coupled with new federal funding passed through the bipartisan infrastructure bill, we’re thrilled that the Colorado Legislature has taken this important step to fund wildlife crossings. Now, we look forward to Gov. Polis signing this bipartisan bill into law.”