Congress to erode water protections, but EPA clean water rule can move forward

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Environment America

Washington, DC  — Congressional leaders are poised to weaken some Clean Water Act protections in its must-pass spending bill known as the “cromnibus,” but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule to restore protections to the nation’s smaller streams and wetlands remains intact. Environment America’s clean water advocate, Ally Fields, issued the following statement in response:  

“Americans love and depend upon our waters, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Puget Sound, so we’re very disappointed that polluters and their allies in Congress plan to erode water and wildlife protections in their must-pass spending bill. But thanks to Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others fighting for clean water every step of the way, EPA can still move forward with its rule to restore protections to more than half of America’s streams and protect the drinking water for 117 million people.”