Devastating spill in Calif. shows when you drill, you spill

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Goleta, Calif. — An oil pipeline burst yesterday on the Pacific shore, releasing about 21,000 gallons of crude into the ocean and covering a popular beach in Santa Barbara County in a slick four miles long. The pipeline is owned by Houston-based Plains All-American Pipeline, which has reportedly stopped the flow of oil. Environment America’s Rachel Richardson issued the following statement in response:  

“When you drill, you spill. This tragic accident in our beloved Pacific shows once again that oil companies can’t extract oil or transport it through sensitive areas without threatening our beaches, our wildlife and our coastal communities.

“Despite devastating oil spills like this one, the Obama administration has plans to expand dirty drilling and put even more of our beaches and oceans at risk. Unfortunately, next up on the list of potential sacrifice zones are the prized beaches of the southern Atlantic Coast and the fragile Arctic Ocean.

“Refugio Beach is already closed after 21,000 gallons of crude spilled into the Pacific Ocean and covered this popular campground in oil. The spill could ruin Memorial Day weekend for many California campers, beach-goers and coastal businesses. To save our coasts, our wildlife, and our oceans from long-term ruin, our elected leaders should drop plans for more dirty drilling, and double down on clean energy.”

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