Environment America Action Fund announces $10 million donation to League of Conservation Voters (LCV)

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Environment America Action Fund

The Environment America Action Fund today announces a $10 million donation to the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund and the LCV 527 Political Engagement Fund.

Our donation is part of a larger effort by Environment America and its 29 state organizations to support candidates for public office at the state and national level who champion clean air, clean water, wilderness preservation, and strong action to address global warming.  

Environment America focuses primarily on non-partisan research, public education, and advocacy. We are making this major donation to the electoral work of LCV in response to unprecedented partisan attacks by the Trump administration rolling back sensible non-partisan environmental policies adopted by both Republican and Democratic administrations and Congresses. Even recent, limited, belated, but positive actions are now being undone, including the federal Clean Power Plan, Clean Car Standards, and the U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Accord.

Congress, state Governors, and state legislatures need to act decisively to respond to the Trump administration’s backward steps on environmental policy. To assure that happens, we need more environmental champions in public office at all levels.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is well positioned to lead this effort. The League has a long track record of pragmatic & effective bipartisan environmental politics. Key leaders of LCV, including Gene Karpinski, Tiernan Sittenfeld, Pete Maysmith, and others, worked over the course of three decades for organizations in The Public Interest Network, of which Environment America is a part. We have a high degree of faith in their leadership, strategic judgement, and ability to execute cost-effective and successful programs.

We call on every organization and citizen concerned about climate change and promoting a clean, healthy, sustainable planet to support Environment America, work in partnership with LCV, and push ahead on our shared positive agenda.

Douglas H. Phelps
Chair, Environment America
Ed Johnson
President, Environment America