Environment America Applauds Secretary Jewell’s Firm Rejection of Drilling off of our Atlantic Coast

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John Rumpler

Clean Water Director and Senior Attorney, Environment America

Environment America

Boston, MA. – Yesterday, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell rebuffed the oil and gas industry’s latest effort to bring offshore drilling to the Atlantic coast. Her comments came after hearings in House and Senate committees where Republicans pushed to overturn the Obama administration’s decision to keep the eastern seaboard free from deepwater drilling damage. John Rumpler, senior attorney with Environment America issued this statement:

“We commend Secretary Jewell for standing up to those who would subject our beautiful Atlantic coast to dirty drilling. BP’s massive spill in the Gulf showed us the tragedy that offshore drilling can bring – for wildlife, fishermen, and coastal communities alike. And then there are the ‘ordinary’ impacts of offshore drilling – pollution, accidents, and miles of coastal lands packed with pipelines and the other ugly infrastructure of the oil and gas industry.

“From Florida to the Outer Banks to the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic coast is home to millions of Americans, incredible beaches, and stunning wildlife. Today, Sally Jewell did what Americans rightfully expect from our Interior Secretary: she refused to sacrifice more of our natural heritage to dirty drilling.”