Environment America Launches TV Thank You for President Obama’s Plan to Address Global Warming

Environment America

Washington, D.C. – Environment America has launched a television ad to thank President Obama for his plan to cut global warming pollution, unveiled Tuesday in a speech at Georgetown University. Nathan Willcox, the group’s federal global warming program director released the following statement along with the ad:

“The president has outlined a comprehensive plan to limit global warming pollution and put us on a path that will protect future generations of Americans from the worst impacts of global warming.

“With a year of record temperatures and drought, wildfires and damaging storms, Americans are already paying the price of a warming world.

“Power plants are the leading source of global warming pollution in the U.S., but there’s no limit to the amount of carbon pollution they can spew. The president’s plan would fix this.

“Last year, when President Obama first proposed limiting carbon pollution from new power plants, more than 3.2 million Americans submitted public comments supporting the action.

“This is a victory for everyone, but today, we’d like to thank the president for showing his leadership and commitment to protecting our kids and grandkids from the gravest environmental challenge we face.”