Environment America members submit 10,000 comments supporting stronger ozone standards

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Public challenges EPA proposal that ignores health experts and scientists

Environment America

WASHINGTON — Environment America submitted more than 10,000 public comments on Thursday from Americans from all 50 states and Puerto Rico demanding stronger protection from air pollution. Specifically, the petitioners objected to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), which would not strengthen the standards for ozone, a threat to public health.

The EPA approved the current ozone standards in 2014, even though the agency’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee stated that the legal limit of 70 parts of ozone per billion part of air can lead to inflammation of human airways and a decrease in overall lung function.

Simon Horowitz, global warming solutions associate at Environment America, released the following statement: 

“Environment America has advocated for stronger clean air protections for decades, and 10,000 Americans join us today in saying our national ozone pollution standards are not good enough. The proposed standards put our health at risk. Each year, air pollution kills tens of thousands of Americans and makes millions more sick. By refusing to strengthen ozone standards, the EPA is rejecting its own science and the advice of experts, thereby failing to protect the American people. On top of that, the Environmental Protection Agency is ignoring its mission to protect public health and the environment.