Environment America members submit 20,000 comments standing up for Clean Car Standards

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Environment America

Today marks the last day of the comment period to weigh in on the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of the federal Clean Car Standards. Environment America submitted over 20,000 public comments from members in all 50 states and Puerto Rico defending stronger fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards.

The Trump administration’s proposal would freeze a policy that was set to double fuel economy and cut global warming pollution in half for cars sold in 2025. The transportation sector is now the country’s largest source of climate-altering carbon pollution. Their proposal will also lead to dirtier air — every year, air pollution from transportation is responsible for a staggering 30,000 premature deaths.

Andrea McGimsey, senior director of Global Warming Solutions at Environment America, released the following statement:

“Rolling back the Clean Car Standards would mean slamming the brakes on all the progress we’ve made cleaning up our transportation system. Overwhelmingly, Americans voiced support at public hearings and in their comments for healthier air to breathe, and a safer climate for future generations. Especially now, with the IPCC telling us we have 12 years to significantly slash global warming emissions, we need to move forward to clean up our cars, not pull a U-turn.”