House Leadership Seeks to Hijack Spending Bill to Block Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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WASHINGTON, D.C – The House of Representatives is reportedly pushing a rollback of energy saving standards for light bulbs in the omnibus spending bill being debated in Congress.   If successful, they will repeal energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that were originally passed with industry support and a large bipartisan majority in 2007.  According to a study by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy the standards could lead to $11.9 billion per year in energy savings when fully instituted.  

Environment America’s Energy Program Director, Rob Sargent, issued the following statement:

“The House Republican leadership is attempting to legislate a step backwards in time for America’s light bulbs and our clean energy future, and is doing it in a ‘must pass’ spending bill.

“In 2007 Congress passed, and President Bush signed, this common sense measure that will lead to dramatic reductions in pollution from burning fossil fuels and save Americans billions of dollars on their energy bills. Over the past four years, the industry has invested heavily in the next generation of light bulbs that will save consumers money and reduce pollution.  Instead of offering a path forward for our energy future, House leadership is turning back the clock.

“The Department of Energy estimates that the newest generation of light bulbs, both incandescent and compact fluorescent, will save the average household $50 per year. In addition, new incandescent light bulbs use 28 to 33 percent less energy, eliminating the need for 30 good-sized coal plants once the standards take full effect.   

“Proponents of this rollback have relied on scare tactics and outright lies to support this rollback. In reality, in addition to reducing energy costs and reducing pollution, the light bulb efficiency standards create more and better choices for Americans.

“With America’s economy struggling to recover and America’s air pollution adversely affecting public health, it is unconscionable to repeal common sense energy standards that can help with both these problems.” 

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