House Subcommittee Bill Allows Automakers to Increase Pollution

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Aminah Zaghab

Environment America

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Today the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing to discuss a bill “To provide greater transparency, accountability, and safety authority to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and for other purposes.” In response to Section 502: Credits for Advanced Automotive Technology and Section 503: Fuel Economy Credits for Advanced Automotive Technologies, Aminah Zaghab, Clean Cars Advocate for Environment America, issued the following statement: 

“Environment America vigorously opposes Section 502 and 503 because these sections allow car companies to increase global warming pollution and oil consumption in exchange for adoption of unrelated technologies. After the hottest summer on record the last thing we should do is undermine the effective greenhouse gas emission and fuel economy standards, which have already resulted in less global warming pollution and reduced oil consumption in new cars. 

Congress should oppose Section 502 and 503 and any other measure that would allow car companies to undermine our public health, environment, energy security and consumer savings by increasing global warming pollution and oil consumption. We should be doing all we can to reduce global warming pollution and dependence on oil and these measures increase it.”