National trend toward 100% renewable energy accelerates

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Ross Sherman

Washington signs new 100% clean electricity law and Pennsylvania introduces bill, reinforcing nationwide movement toward key climate action solution

Environment America

BOSTON — In January, Environment America revealed its “100% Renewable” campaign, which aspires to get nine new states to set ambitious renewable energy targets within five years. At the time, only Hawaii and California had met that goal. But with Washington enacting a bill today and New Mexico doing the same in March, the total number has doubled. Additionally, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia both passed 100% renewable energy requirements this year.

In addition, a bipartisan group of 88 state legislators in Pennsylvania also announced today that they are re-introducing a bill to require that commonwealth to get 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2050.

Washington’s 100% Clean Electricity Bill requires utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from carbon-free energy sources and features key near-term targets to eliminate coal-powered electricity from the grid by 2025. It also compels utilities to be 80 percent carbon-free by 2030.

By comparison, New Mexico instructed its utilities to get at least 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030, 80 percent by 2040 and 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Rob Sargent, senior director of Environment America’s Clean Energy program, issued the following statement:

“Each of these developments is a step up on the ladder to a sustainable environment. We still have a long way to climb. But the bold actions of California, Hawaii, New Mexico and now Washington show that the public and our political leaders are ready to set clean energy targets that begin to match the scale of the challenge we face.

“In Pennsylvania, the legislature is proving that climate defense and clean energy are issues that cross party lines. The Pennsylvania General Assembly’s bipartisan step toward 100 percent renewable energy underlines the fact that everyone needs a livable climate.

“As we continue our “100% Renewable” campaign, we look forward to working with forward-thinking leaders across the country — both in states that have already passed laws and any others willing to make this essential commitment. We must keep riding this wave of clean energy progress.”


Environment America is the national federation of statewide, citizen-based advocacy organizations working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future.