President Obama announces program to increase solar access for all Americans

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WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, President Obama announced a plan to increase access to solar energy for all Americans, particularly for those in low and moderate-income communities and those renting their homes or businesses.

The program triples the Obama Administration’s previous goal to 300 MW of solar on federally subsidized housing, provides more tools for affordable housing projects to install and finance solar installations, promotes community solar programs through local partnerships and increases local job training programs in the solar industry in low income communities.

Environment America’s solar program coordinator Bret Fanshaw issued this statement:

“Today’s announcement by the Obama Administration is another big step toward a future where all Americans can access renewable and affordable solar electricity.

“This plan will not only continue to push the United States toward a future powered by clean energy, it will also improve the lives of millions of people in our nation whom are struggling to make ends meet.

“The progress we’re making on solar and renewable energy should give us the confidence we can do much more, including placing solar on all federal buildings and eventually achieving 100 percent of our energy from renewable resources.

“Solar energy can help all Americans save money on their utility bills, protect our environment and act on solving global warming by moving away from fossil fuels. We applaud the president’s actions to make solar energy a reality for more communities around the country.”

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