President Obama Should Build on Progress vs. Global Warming

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Nathan Willcox

Environment America

Washington, DC—In response to President Obama’s statements yesterday regarding global warming, and his visit today to areas hit by Superstorm Sandy, Nathan Willcox, Environment America’s Federal Global Warming Program Director, issued the following statement:

“As President Obama returns to communities devastated by Superstorm Sandy today, we are reminded as a nation not only of the immediate needs of the victims of this storm, but of the long term challenges we face in rebuilding our infrastructure from damage caused by storms that will become more frequent and more severe due to global warming. 

“Yesterday’s comments by the president that global warming is real, that we contribute to it, and that we have an obligation to do something about it are right on the mark. 

“The President has accomplished a great deal in cutting carbon pollution from cars and in doubling our use of clean, renewable energy. Now is the time to build on that progress by addressing the power plant pollution that is the single largest source of carbon emissions that cause global warming.

“Environment America commends the president for his leadership and attention to global warming and looks forward to working with his administration on the next important steps in taking on this problem.”