Senate Budget Package Bypasses Harmful Riders

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Today the U.S.  Senate passed a package of bills to provide emergency assistance to Hurricane Harvey victims, extend the debt ceiling and continue to fund government operations for the next three months.  The legislation is free of harmful, anti-environmental riders that have been inserted into spending legislation in the past and are pending on the House floor.  Environment America’s DC Office Director Anna Aurilio issued the following statement in response:

“Our hearts go out to victims of Hurricane Harvey and we are grateful that the U.S. Senate has acted quickly to provide assistance and fund government operations for the next three months.  In stark contrast, the U.S. House of Representatives is voting on a package of government funding bills that are a polluters’ dream and a nightmare for all of us who breathe the air, drink the water and cherish our treasured lands and oceans.  It’s time for the House to follow the Senate’s lead and deliver for Hurricane Harvey victims instead of creating new environmental disasters.”