Statement: Biden administration acts responsibly by restoring protections for wildlife

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Previous administration had weakened the Endangered Species Act in multiple ways

Environment America

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday that it will wipe off the books two Trump-era administrative rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act. 

More detail on the Trump administration’s changes to the Endangered Species Act can be found in this blog

Statement from Steve Blackledge, conservation program director for Environment America: 

“It’s on us to protect wildlife and the habitats they call home. But, too often our country has fallen short, choosing development over conservation.

“In a series of wrongheaded moves, the previous administration weakened the Endangered Species Act. Now, the Biden administration plans to tear up two of those policies — both of which made it harder for the Fish and Wildlife Service to protect important habitats for threatened and endangered species. 

“The Endangered Species Act is America’s best tool for preventing extinction. It must remain strong and effective, and the Biden administration is taking a key step in that direction. Environment America applauds the decision, and wildlife lovers everywhere appreciate it.” 


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