Statement: Bipartisan multistate program cutting down global warming pollution from power plants

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Environment America

WASHINGTON – Today, a partnership of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states announced that the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is delivering stronger results than ever when it comes to capping greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and raising funds to invest in clean energy. Analysis by the Acadia Center shows that in the first six months of 2019, planet-warming pollution from power plants in the RGGI states were 19.7 percent below emissions in 2018, the lowest since the program began.  

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which began in 2009 and was strengthened in 2017, limits dangerous discharges from power plants across the multi-state region, helping to slow the warming of our planet and clean up our air. RGGI also fuels investment in clean energy by making polluters pay when they pollute.

Andrea McGimsey, senior director for Environment America Research & Policy Center’s Global Warming Solutions campaign, issued the following statement: 

“The ongoing, bipartisan success story of the nine states cooperating on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a beacon of hope to all Americans who are concerned about the ever-worsening impacts of global warming. The participating governors prove that Republican and Democratic leaders can work together to make real progress on cutting planet-warming pollution.

“While the federal government is rolling back our nation’s best climate-mitigation programs, including regulations on oil and gas production, cars and trucks, and power plants, these governors are making the environment safer and healthier for their constituents. We need this kind of leadership at all levels of government and society to address the most significant challenge of our time.

“We have no time to spare. Over the past week, we have seen Hurricane Dorian strike the Bahamas with deadly force and severely impact the United States’ southeastern Atlantic coast. Scientists agree that climate change makes storms such as Dorian much more dangerous. We must do more to forestall these increasing threats to our country and our neighbors.

“Americans want less pollution, more clean energy and a stable climate. RGGI is delivering solutions now more than ever.”