Statement: House’s reintroduction of GREEN Act a step in the right direction

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Ben Sonnega

Josh Chetwynd

Bill would move clean energy priorities forward

Environment America

WASHINGTON — Led by Rep. Mike Thompson of California, the U.S.House of Representatives reintroduced the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act on Friday. The act builds on short-term extensions passed at the end of 2020 by extending solar and wind energy tax credits, expanding incentives for electric vehicles and energy efficiency, and layering in new credits for energy storage. The GREEN Act’s reintroduction represents an opportunity for Congress to take longer-lasting and more impactful action to advance clean energy in America. 

Environment America’s Renewable Energy Advocate Ben Sonnega issued the following statement on the bill’s passing:

“Clean energy tax incentives are one of the best policy options in America’s toolbox when it comes to advancing clean energy and bringing about cleaner air, cleaner water and a more stable climate. Tax credits have driven progress across the spectrum of clean energy technologies for more than a decade, so reinvesting in this tried-and-true mechanism just makes sense. We are glad to see the reintroduction of this act and look forward to working with Congress to ensure the passage of long-term investments in a clean energy future. 

“Clean energy tax credits are an important tool for helping America transition to 100 percent renewable energy. Think of them like a power drill in the process of building a comprehensive renewable energy future. They’re reliable, their application is wide-reaching and they’re absolutely necessary if we are going to change the way we approach energy consumption.”