Statement: Louisiana’s net zero target is a key step forward

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Emma Searson

Josh Chetwynd

Gov. Edwards issues executive order for net zero emissions by 2050

Environment America

BOSTON — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an executive order on Wednesday setting a statewide goal for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The order represents the first commitment for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state, and also establishes a new Climate Emissions Task Force within the Office of the Governor to develop plans to achieve the new target.

In response, Environment America’s Director of the Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy Emma Searson released the following statement:

“Louisiana’s new net zero emissions target is a key step forward, and we’re so glad to see Gov. Edwards take bold action on clean energy. We have state leadership to thank for much of the rise of renewables in the U.S., and we need more leaders at that level of government to aim high in order to keep that progress going. Not only will this new goal drive Louisiana toward a cleaner, healthier future, but we also hope it will encourage governors and legislators in neighboring states to jump on the bandwagon.

“As Louisiana’s leaders work to put this pledge into action, they must remember that clean and renewable energy resources — such as solar, wind and efficiency and conservation measures — should take front and center. These options provide the best way to protect public health and the state’s fragile coastal environment.” 


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