Environment America
Rachel Richardson

"The President's approval of Shell drilling in the Arctic is incompatible with his commitment to tackle the climate crisis, and recklessly dangerous. The harsh conditions of the Arctic would make a spill nearly impossible to clean up potentially devastating one-fifth of the world's polar bear population as well as baluga whales, ice seals and other precious marine life that call the Arctic home. Every continent where offshore drilling happens has suffered pollution from major spills. The sad fact is: when you drill, you spill. Failing to protect one of the most pristine and precious areas of our planet from this risky and often devastating practice is a mistake. We will continue to work diligently to keep the Arctic safe as well as to stop proposed drilling along the Atlantic coast. The U.S. needs to transition as quickly as possible away from oil and other fossil fuels and to a 100% renewable energy future." says Rachel Richardson, director of Environment America's Stop Drilling Program.