Hybrid vehicle service offers opportunities

According to a study released last June by the Environment America Research & Policy Center, more than 220,000 hybrid cars are in use throughout the U.S. Despite flat hybrid vehicle sales in 2014, combined sales of EV and HEV vehicles have remained on an upward trend.


Koch Industries tops list of water polluters spending big on politics

This week Environment America released "Polluting Politics," a report that analyzes spending on federal lobbying and campaign contributions by companies releasing the most toxic chemicals into U.S. waterways, more than half of which aren't safe for fishing, swimming or drinking due to pollution.


Keystone XL Veto: Is the Pen Mightier than the Pipeline

The veto of the keystone pipeline isn't the last word. But Julian Boggs, outreach director for global warming at Environment America, described the veto as a "great win" for those who have fought for years against the project.


Oversight panel takes aim at marquee air and water rules

"It's clear that our nation's polluters have deep pockets, but hundreds of thousands of Americans have raised their voices in support of doing more to protect our waterways, from the Chesapeake Bay to Puget Sound," Ally Fields, clean water advocate at Environment America, said in a statement. "It's time for Congress to listen to citizens, not the polluters, and let the EPA finish the job to protect our waterways."


Enviros “auction” Grand Canyon to illustrate threat to public lands

A conservation group held a mock “auction” of the Grand Canyon Wednesday to illustrate what they said could happen if Congress strips the president’s authority to identify and protect national monuments.

The event came one week after President Barack Obama designated three new national monuments in Colorado, Hawaii and Illinois. The president is also considering such a designation for the 1.7 million acre watershed surrounding the Grand Canyon.