However the election sorts itself out our work will continue

While things are still up in the air for some election races this year we will continue our work. Environment Michigan has a long track record of success regardless of poliitical climates.

Nathan Murphy

I’m writing this just before noon on the Thursday after Election Day. A lot of races have been decided, but the presidential race is still undecided as the last of the absentee, provisional, overseas, etc., ballots get counted. 

Obviously, the race for president can have a big impact on our work. We’ve been pushing back against the Trump administration’s rollbacks of over 125 environmental protections. These rollbacks run the gamut from reducing protections of migratory birds like eagles, to weakening protections of our wetlands that store and filter water, to reducing oversight of toxic coal ash ponds loaded with heavy metals. 

But one thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the outcome our work will continue.  We know the majority of the public, from across the political spectrum, supports the work we do. Our canvass hears it at the doors of Michigan homes, I hear it from our supporters, and we see it when we call for the public to speak out on an issue. No one supports toxic water or dangerous air quality. Majorities across the political spectrum support action on climate change.

Further, we have a long track record of getting bipartisan support for the issues Michiganders support. We worked hard to pass permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund that provides crucial funding from public lands all the way from Sleeping Bear Dunes to local ballparks. That was signed into law just this last August. We also supported Michigan’s Prop 1-20, that removed the cap on the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund ensuring that future dollars from Michigan’s oil and gas revenue from public lands will continue to go towards those public lands. Michiganders supported it with over 84% of people voting yes. Simply put, Michiganders love our public lands. Our natural heritage is part of what makes Michigan special.

The bottom line here is, as I said before, the work will continue regardless of election outcomes. We work hard to find ways to protect our water, air and greenspaces no matter what. And, we’ll continue to get wins here in Michigan and across the country.


Nathan Murphy